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Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Elin gets killed"

Massive!!!! zombie story apparently written for/at school on November 4, 1992.
Translated yesterday. Inspired by Ötzi the Iceman and probably some episode of Ghostbusters.


One day, Elin was out walking in the woods.
"I think I'm gonna go to the Tarn", Elin thought and went to the Tarn. She sat down on a rock. Then she heard CRASH CREAK from the other side of the Tarn. Elin looked that way. She almost fainted. Because along the shoreline - straight towards Elin - came an old green farmer who had risen from his grave! He was holding a shovel... And when Elin tried to take it, it disappeared. Then Elin woke up and ran home. Dad was sitting at the computer, working.
"DAD DAD!!!" Elin screamed. "DO YOU KNOW...!" She could say no more before dad turned around. His face was brown and dry. It was... THE ICEMAN!!! Then a whole bunch of old farmers stormed in. The iceman and the farmers killed Elin and threw the body in the Tarn.

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