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Monday, April 21, 2008

Ratexla's 6 Nine Inch Nails lists

Updated at appropriate times.

The Nine Inch Nails songs I listen to the most...

From Pretty hate machine:
+Head like a hole (The first I heard of it was a wee piece, but I thought I'd like it!)
+Down in it
+Sanctified (Church vibes... leading to The-Great-Hall-from-Harry-Potter vibes... come sit by the fire, Severus.)
+Something I can never have (If I can ever be arsed to make an Alan Rickman Soundtrack version 2.0, this is so going onto it. A song for Severus.)

From Broken:
+Last (*punches the dry mud*)
+Happiness in slavery (The way I let my amusing obsessions enslave me?)
+Physical (Track #98. Yes.)

From The downward spiral:
+Closer (...)
+Big man with a gun (Mostly for lyrics. No, I now really like the whole thing.)
+A warm place
+The downward spiral (Mostly for lyrics. Solutions...)
+Hurt (Beautiful, esp the whispered parts... and others... and, on a side note, the kingfisher in the video, I almost went Christian from all the symbolism in those 3 s. :O )

From The fragile:
+Somewhat damaged
+The wretched
+We're in this together (Must... never... drive... while listening... to... this song... argh - )
+Even deeper
+The great below (One of my deathbed songs. And lullabies, in the meantime.)
+Into the void (But the best part is the video. Ewww, humans...)
+Where is everybody?
+Starfuckers, Inc.
+I'm looking forward to joining you, finally

From Still:
+Something I can never have (Combines the Desperate Voice and the 21st Century Voice... (see below.)
+The becoming (Def better than the original, whose background screams gives me visions of fleshy pale humans piled up in hell. Think I got it from some medieval painting in some history book. And that is not the music video of my choice. As it happens.)
+The day the world went away (A still blue shiny ocean on a July morning, it beats the original, and I could make a list of all the pwetty things in that video... Here are some of them for now: warm saturated colours, feather, flowers, fine sand, Trent, little black grains, black snake, yellow crystal.)
+And all that could have been
+Leaving hope

From With teeth:
+All the love in the world
+The hand that feeds (The intro subtly comes pounding up from some rebel basement, then the new badass Political!Trent jumps out at you!)
+Love is not enough
+Only (My first Nine Inch Nails song, at least the refrain stuck... 2 years later I remembered the song as "pretty good & sexy"! It turned out I had remembered it partly wrong, but whattehell!)
+Getting smaller
+Beside you in time (The pounding is half the torture! Nah. I started to like this after I saw the trailer for the Beside you in time DVD, which I suppose I will get some time. Lovely elegant magical animalistic sweaty dreamy LIVE NINE INCH NAILS TRAILER. :D )
+Right where it belongs (Good all the way, but when his voice suddenly becomes un-distorted and the crowd cheers... *bristle*)

From Year zero:
+Hyperpower! (The sound of a certain invaded concert? My death of choice. If their aim is true, at least.)
+The beginning of the end (And almost the beginning of the lovely lovely Year zero. I remember when I first put it on...)
+Survivalism (My buddy the Nine Inch Nails-sceptic likes this! :B )
+Me, I'm not (I didn't think much of it at first, but heard it in a new... light in the background of a Trent interview.)
+Capital G (Mostly for lyrics. TrentRez4Prez.)
+The warning (Mostly for lyrics. THE PRESENCE FOR PRESIDENT! *hands the presence a piece of organic hemp cloth*)
+Another version of the truth (Nice lullaby. I just like to listen to and envision each beat. Hypnosis? :9 The first part sounds tense, perhaps building up to... to a nuke explosion! Which of course fucks up the microphone placed next to it, so only a soft noise fades into the second part, my fave. Its... temperature varies. Like the warm air rising now and then from a bus radiator. The warmth is spindly, but at least your frozen fingers cheer (the finger-cheering way) each time it hits them.) But anyway - what would the title have to to with my initial mental video? Anotherversionofthetruth.com shows a peaceful field with some worrying text. If you scrape the picture with your cursor it reveals one of a degraded industrial wasteland. Because... the cute dream came true for a time, and for a chosen few, but since it is presently carried out in an unsustainable manner, the ruined scene beneath is just as true, for others, or will be for all, if not enough is done to prevent it. Both pictures are "brought to you by the US Bureau of Morality". They can create the fleeting dream and the resulting nightmare.)
+In this twilight (Love at first hearing. Our last day.)
+Zero-sum (Love at first hearing. The last song in the history of human civilisation. And there is whispering...)

From Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D:
+The great destroyer remixed by Modwheelmood (Faceslap to me: I, the remix-hater, tossed the CD in the player, listened with interest to the first track because at least that was Saul and one of my fave original tracks - then The great destroyer came on and I found myself grinning fool-happily during the first listen... Oh, a remix that doesn't go BLIP BLIP BLIP and requires dancing. Slow and kind of acoustic. Sadder! I'm not crazy about the original, though I like the lyrics (well, what I imagine they're about... which may be several things...) - now it's perfect. Nearly - where did "the limitless potential" go?)
+Another version of the truth remixed by Kronos & Enrique Gonzalez Müller (I find this as enjoyable as the original version. Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, the sound of Godzilla - or some more normal animal - thirsting to death on the Scorched Earth, squeak-squeak-squeak, a bit of a collapse. That second post-apocalyptic part sounds quite HAPPY and could almost pass for a Jane Austen movie soundtrack. If the Austen movie in question were to feature some ivy-covered factory chimneys in the background, aye.)
+In this twilight remixed by Fennesz (Also just as lovely as the original, but this too sounds... happier and (even?) more hopeful. Whaz that swishing overhead - nuclear missiles, mayhap? Siiiiiiinging in the missile rain... You know, that is very interesting, because I heard that most species are much more radiation tolerant than humans. :B Anyway. The final note fades out almost forever, like a supernova sending Trentdust all over the universe, where eventually it may nourish another biosphere. SNIFFLE.)

From Ghosts I-IV:
+3 Ghosts I (Perfect I.)
+12 Ghosts II (Illegal elephant products and rainforest wood Some fearless piano and a ghostly whisp of noise lived ran together in perfect harmony, like a little velvetty grey Arabian horse suddenly being joined by a rockin' Friesian on its morning sand jog. Yes, I did recently watch The young black stallion clips on Youtube. Cuz I never heard of that movie getting released. :p )
+13 Ghosts II (Ever since, after about 2 whole listens, I had it pointed out to me by Meathead and some fangirl that it contains BREATHING. A breathing ghost. *crankup*)
+14 Ghosts II (Perfect II. It reminds me a little of the scene in Gladiator where the cam spins around Team Maximus et Juba in Zucchabar, for they are caught in an upward (or should that be downward?) spiral (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of success, fame, insanity, adrenaline, arse-sand and groupie-counts! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Then there is that euphoric, drunkedly dancing, howling guitar on TOP of the perfection!)
+20 Ghosts III (Random guitar comes floating into the soundscape. Like a ghost. Or a Dementor.)
+24 Ghosts III (I agree with Meathead. 80's car chase.)
+32 Ghosts IV (The first perfect Ghost to haunt my fave list. Flustering! Kind of porny! However, Meathead's sharing his vision of another 80's car chase cooled me off a little. Fuck.)

+Suck (Some drum 'n' bass version of this Pigface cover.)
+Burn (From the Natural born killers soundtrack. I remember like 1 fragment of that movie... but I like it already. Again. *weep* Fuck. *dab* I tend to listen to this, among others, after, er, heated discussions about -)
+Dead souls (Joy Division cover from the soundtrack of The crow. I have it on CD, but this live version from the Reading Festival in 2007 is even... even...)
+Past the mission (With Tori Amos. *slrrrrp* Orange chocolate. Can I get the multitracks though plzthnx, I can barely hear Trent. Still, my heart vibrates with the frequency of his voice. Btw, I've now checked out 3 Tori albums and my mum likes her too.)
+Falling (Quake track without official title.)
+(Intro) Whisper (Outro) (Quake track without official title.)
+Pulse (Quake track without official title.)
+First born (Quake track without official title.)
+Driver down (From the Lost highway soundtrack. Hmm, on my unofficial compilation CD it's called Drive her down, which is implied to be a reference to...)
+Metal (Gary Numan cover. Love at first hearing due to much sexiness.)
+Deep (From the Tomb raider soundtrack. I don't claim to like it only because everyone hates it.)
+Flyentology (With El-P. Ahhh! The Desperate Voice... but not enough of it...)
+Break (With Saul Williams. There's some Trent voice in it somewhere...)
+WTF! (With Saul Williams.)


My mum's favourite Nine Inch Nails songs... Why yes, I enjoy making lists.

+Terrible lie
+And all that could have been
+Leaving hope
+Only ("This one's good too! A few songs are difficult but other than that they're pretty good! One gets used to it! You have INDOCTRINATED me! I let it get under my skin... I let you pump it through my - veinssssahhhhhhhhh...")
+Right where it belongs


Works to which Year zero gives me more or less intense flashbacks...

+Collapse by Jared Diamond (He, however, claims we are NOT doomed from the start. *looks from jared to trent as if at some tennis game* Then I found this title among the Year zero banned media and died of happiness. But not of surprise... Btw: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is also among the banned media. That killed me again. TRENT - ?! :D Oh, wonderful banned media... in general. *extends must-read list* And - the Year zero sites are visible to us because the Solutions Backwards Initiative group sent them back through time? :) Hence the distorted look of them? Ahhhhhhhhh.)
+On the beach by Nevil Shute (Soy milkshake, check. Zero-sum, check. Cyanide pill, check. Euthanised pets, check. The sand is cooling.)
+Lady Chatterley's lover by D.H. Lawrence (I haven't got any English edition in my possession, but something the lover says about... what calms him...)
+The stand by Stephen King (Bloody repopulation. Anyway, I heard that fragments of it are visible on one of the Year zero sites...! Hmm, can't find it on the Banned media page... No matter.)

+Children of men ('Twas the chimneys. Bloody repopulation again.)
+E.T. (Environmentalist from space, kind of like the Presence. If the latter is an alien.)
+Soldier (Post-apocalyptic society on a garbage planet. I believe it is called kitchen sink realism.)
+The wild blue yonder (I could just go ahead and officially proclaim its ending my favouritest ever ever.)
+Terminator 1 (Love. And dogs. Love.)
+Terminator 2 (This film is so perfect that I haven't even got the DVD. I mentioned the Terminator movies in the review I had to write for On the beach.)
+Terminator 3


Supposedly Year zero-related books I have not read...

+Oh, PROOOOOOOOBABLY 1984, by George Orwell
+They thought they were free by Milton Mayer (Trent mentioned it in a certain interview, could be useful reading...)
+Swan song by Robert McCammon (Recommended in a Nine Inch Nails blog comment. "It's about life after nuclear war, but it's like Stephen King meets....I don't know. Weird stuff, and not like real life, but interesting just the same.")
+Left behind: A novel of the Earth's last days by Tim F. LaHaye (Recommended in a Nine Inch Nails blog comment... "...basically the Book of Revelation set to fictional characters, all that YZ encompasses is right there."
+The road by Cormac McCarthy (Recommended in a Nine Inch Nails blog comment! :O "...a post-apocalyptic story about a father and son crossing America after a nuclear war.")

I want to eat you, books.


Some shit to love about Trent/Nine Inch Nails...

+His ad against fur
+My x favourite songs
+His Artistic Integrity... even while he was still on a record label
+The Presence
+His dogs
+The Year zero-related artwork
+His treatment of fans on a small scale (judging by what Everybody reports)
+His treatment of fans on a large scale
+The Ghosts video contest which resulted in many a violent clash between battling, camera-slinging fans film festival... Yeah, I AM gonna get my filming off the ground. Soon.
+His new method of music distribution
+The range between emotions and between eras expressed in the songs (Range also happens to be one of the things I appreciate most in... actors... In this case, I love trying and failing to believe that it's the same bloke performing March of the pigs and Another version of the truth, or blooper-giggling on MTV. Or it could all just be my a) people-prejudices b) prosopagnosia. He seems so sincere, and (as someone pointed out) does not appear to be slaving under some stereotypical image of himself but will curse and giggle as he pleases. :9 Aye, it's fun to shock people.)
+His unwillingness to discuss lyrics (Me and poetry... :p I was getting a bit nervous about interpreting things the wrong way because doing so will cause hairy palms and lightning strikes... when I could guess at any meaning at all, that is. After I had heard him say what he said, the lyrics entered a less solid state and trickled into every corner of the unit known as Yoze, working as a key that would more often than before find a fit. Thanks for your blessing, dahling. :B )
+His ability to get off drugs
+His ability to get off record labels
+His sense of humour
+His blog
+His cursing

+His whispering voice
+His singing voice
+His 21st century voice
+His desperate voice
+His speaking voice (Bloody 'ell. I hereby declare that Trent has my favourite voice of all non-Brits. "...fucked us", "Charles, that is", "...while you're hiding in the trees", "...that you're the reason..." *lobotomises self with ice pick in order to block all other distracting sensory perceptions*)

Year zero sites:
+The Mailstrom with keys
+Grace the Teacher
+The Hour of Arrival
+Operation Swamp 0000
+The popup message from Consolidated Mail Systems
+The Situational Anxiety Disorder Quiz
+The Price of Treason
+Hollywood in Memoriam
+The Viability index

Yoze is visually oriented a shallow bitch:
+His eyes
+His 2005 hair
+His height
+His ~2000 eyeliner
+His nose
+His 1994 hair
+His name
+His eyebrows


Oh, to have been there for the release of...

...Pretty hate machine back in 1989!
The first Nine Inch Nails album! My age of 6 at the time should not have hindered me, ffs, seeing how my taste for rock was founded no later than 1990 or so (when I got my first real record and attended my first concert - double-thank you, Gianna Nannini). I wonder if I heard any Nine Inch Nails hit on the radio in 1989? What if I had noticed it, and liked it, and - and - uh...

...The downward spiral back in 1994!
The most famous Nine Inch Nails album, I suppose. The breakthrough? So I wouldn't have been able to say "I was among the first 4 people to discover Nine Inch Nails" - something I still cannot say, ACTUALLY. I also would have been subjected to 1 cancelled Swedish concert and 1 decade of waiting for Nine Inch Nails to return here, but at least I would have had the live experience by now. (TIMES 2 OR SUMMAT!) And the ability to brag about my decade of fan-suffering. (Speaking of suffering, think I had my first suicidal thoughts in 1994. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. On the other hand, my English sucked. Harder.)

...The fragile back in 1999!
The most anticipated album of the 90's? The one that would Save Rock? :)

...With teeth back in 2005!
Trent survived, Trent got clean and Trent made another album. That would kind of have been cause for celebration. As would said album's rockiness.

...Year zero back in the thickening fogs of April 2007!
My favourite Nine Inch Nails album and its wicked, mysterious, confusing surrounding art project!

...Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D back in - oh dear!
The record shop said they expected to get it on November 28, 2007. I stomped in there around noon and they had not unpacked it yet. Mrrrrr. Shouldn't someone have grown tired of tossing and turning, unlocked the shop around 3am and unpacked a few CD:s before opening time? :p They need me.

...Ghosts I-IV back on March 2, 2008!
Only ~19 years late, wee I shall knowingly witness the release of a completely new Nine Inch Nails album. According to the stats, it will contain something fucking marvellous. Actually I still missed this release by 4 hours. BLADDY 'ELL! It happened just like this:
December!Trent: *posts cosy mysterious studio photos at nin.com*
Trent on February 7: "We have been very busy doing secret things. We’ll start to tell you about them soon."
Trent on February 16: "2 weeks"
Ratexla: *freerides on others' calculations that this means march 1*
March 1: *arrives quietly*
Ratexla: "Dare I go to the sci-fi con today? In case NIN.com gets updated? Btw, no, fuck the sci-fi con, I'll go tomorrow... but now I got all geared up to go, so I'll just check out the record shop for a bit."
Trent on March 1: "Soon..."
Ratexla: *returns home to find above post*
Ratexla: *recalls meathead's recurring definition of trent's definition of "soon"*
Ratexla: "Just in case something really will happen on March 1, I'll spend half the night in front of NIN.com, commenting and reloading. Because I cannot wait to see what will happen, and I don't want to look like a shitty fan with a fucking life."
NIN.com: "Soon..."
NIN.com: "Soon..."
NIN.com: "Soon..."
Ratexla: "It's the perfect time for me to distribute those 150 Animal Rights Sweden pamphlets tonight though. Trent would understand. [Tough shit if he wouldn't.]"
NIN.com: "Soon..."
NIN.com: "Soon..."
Fellow blog commentator: "If he really posted that from Hong Kong, he's probably asleep right now."
Ratexla: "Good point. I will sleep until it's morning in Hong Kong. Or even a few hours more, so I can stay up tomorrow morning... and reload."
Ratexla: "SNORE."
Ratexla's paper gnome phone: *BEEP*
NIN.com: "Soon..."
Ratexla: *gets around the paper district abnormally quickly*
NIN.com: "Soon..."
March 2: *is*
Ratexla: "Hey, I'm going to the sci-fi con... If you're gonna be surfing anyway, could you check NIN.com every now and then and call me if it's updated?"
Ratexla: *stalks sci-fi stars (but first, makes another shocking discovery)*
NIN.com: "Soon..."
NIN.com: "Soon..."
Ratexla: "Yawn. Well, it's no longer March 1 anywhere, not in Hong Kong, not in LA... So... whatever will happen may happen at any time during the next few weeks now, eh? Sweet, I can go to bed."
Ratexla: "SNORE."
Trent: "Tick tock... Tick tock..."
Ratexla: "SNORE."
Trent: "2 hours"
Ratexla: "SNORE." :)
Ratexla: *dreams about tori amos and trent, fyi*
Ratexla: *cruelly kicks computer into action*
Trent: "Ghosts I-IV - The new Nine Inch Nails record is available RIGHT NOW."
Ratexla: *blink*

...ah, fuck it! Option 30's album, of which I hear there are 1000 copies!
I'm looking, I'm looking... :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jo, det hade jag tänkt.. men det e lite svårt att hitta grenar mitt inne i stan om man inte har typ fruktträd... =P

17 October 2007 at 15:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Var du inte utmattad när du skrivit det där inlägget? :P

5 December 2007 at 14:00  
Blogger Ratexla Kettleburn aka Yoze said...

ehehe, jag snickrade nog på det i några dar. Blir du sugen på lite mer svettfläckad nin eller? ;D

11 December 2007 at 16:30  
Blogger dee said...

hey yoze :)...enjoying your site thought id say hi :)

13 March 2008 at 19:37  
Blogger Ratexla Kettleburn aka Yoze said...

*waves with a lil white lace handkerchief*

13 March 2008 at 19:48  

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