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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Materialistic Xmas result

-WWF membership*... My first, actually! :O
-Black eco-cotton shirt that says "mother earth" which reminds me of Nine Inch Nails' lyrics "our mother nature is a whore" and I like to scribble the first verse of Survivalism in margins and on napkins at random times. I didn't ask for that shirt, but oh well, let's spread some awareness then. SOME. (:B
-Pinkish knitted mittens that my mum... got... from her workplace for free. They will make cosy paper gnome mittens when my faux leather gloves get too worn or out of season. Like, now.
-Nine Inch Nails CD called Ultra rare trax.* It certainly doesn't look like an official release. It looks like it was made lovingly by a semi-professional fan - no label... Hottish pics of Trent sporting the Sirius Black look... Little track descriptions on the cover... In any case it contains 11 trax (Trent is so cool that he wouldn't NEED to use that hip spelling, hehe) which I mostly wouldn't know how to get otherwise as some were previously unreleased. Indeed... Since I might not really have been reminded of their existence and tried to download them. Love.
-Wall calendar from The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation* featuring photos from the Baltic Sea, which is literally in deep shit. I didn't have a planning-friendly wall calendar in 2007 and that sucked.
-Black eco-long johns to keep me snug and warm until all the ocean floor methane is burped up and grills the Earth.
-USB memory stick - 4 Gb, retractable. My old stick was 128 Mb, now I'm selling it. The bids are up to 16 SEK at the mo! 8O
-2 bars of Lush soap to protect us all from evil. But I later traded Lush soap with another family member, and got a kind called... OMG... SNOWCAKE! XD It smells like marzipan. Hope my sensitive nose can handle it.
-The golden age of grotesque by Marilyn Manson*
-Wee horse wall calendar that Carin sent me! Squee! Most of the photos feature foals, some of which are FUZZY. *diez* *thud* Most are also taken by Bob Langrish, who is not generally my fave horse photographer (GABRIELE BOISELLE IS! XD ), but *slurp chew sigh* this is a very well-working collection. It shall hang in my room and help me remember what to do in my life. (The ocean calendar will hang in the kitchen and daily bombard all passers-by (handful) with environmental tips.) The horses: Headshot of a cute little brown horse which looks like a dollish Arabian or maybe their sugary cartoon-verse equi(!)valent Welsh pony. Chestnut mare and her chestnut foal. Fuzzy paint foal, trotting. Chestnut foal pretendig to be a bigass dressage pro. :B Another chestnut mare and chestnut foal. Headshot of an alert chestnut. Wavy-maned leopard mare with her nearly white foal. FUZZY CHESTNUT FOAL OMG!!! Gallopping Friesian! Headshot of chestnut foal, gilded by light from setting sun. Paint Shettie and paint foal. Fuzzy grulla.
-5 pairs of eco-socks, some with cute animals on them, one pair made of HEMP! Hemp, I hear, is the shit. 4 times stronger than cotton but only 5% as thirsty. It is resistant to pests... and reportedly the Swedish anti-drug lobby has gone into overdrive and illegalised the growing of hemp here, even though the variety used in clothing cannot be made into drugs. Meh! LOOK, HYSTERICAL ANTI-DRUG LOBBY! I'M WEARING HEMP!
-Ticket for a Bruce Springsteen gig* in Gothenburg on July 5, 2008! 2 x 57000 tix sold out quicker than ever. I haven't heard much of Bruce, but what I've heard isn't bad, so I better take my chance, and gigs are always fun.
-2 pairs of eco-knickers
-Fixed by Nine Inch Nails* - remixes of the songs from Broken. Fixed has become freely available at the remix site since I bought the CD...! I have not yet formed an opinion on the remixes. Maybe I should just sell it on to some true packaging whore and pay Trent properly for all my 2nd hand Nine Inch Nails albums when (?) the next album is released online and no evil record label eats most of the money. :)
-Earthenware lasagne vessel thingy, kind of Gladiatoresque...

*Known pre-Xmas!

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