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Sunday, June 10, 2007

18000 papers + 5 photo sites - 1 bro

I recently called the paper boss, whom I had never met (aye, I have had 3 jobs but only one I got after an actual INTERVIEW and that may never happen again, eh), just to hear when I could pick up the equipment. She then offered me about 30 extra work days because the regular guy is ill and not likely to return before his vacation! So I'm gonna work June 11 to August 12... One of me two training nights was last night. In several of the streets, the order of the house numbers seems abnormal/illogical and of course there are loads of people who believe in psychic paper girls so they do not bother to mark their house or mailbox. Or indeed dig the box out from inside their 4 m thick hedge.

Each year there is a little MARK YER GAWDDAMN MAILBOX FOR THE PAPER SUB'S SAKE!!! campaign in the... paper.

WELL, at least this year no petrol will be wasted while I run around looking for unmarked, invisible mailboxes. Indeed, cryptic boxes (at least in a walking district) may be environmentally beneficient: I fail to find the subscriber - the paper is delivered by someone knowledgeable later in the day to a 50x higher cost (that requires some petrol, I grant you) - paper price rises - subscriber unsubscribes (due to this or because they are pissed about the late papers) - forest is spared. :D Do not give me the shite about how much "forest" there is in Sweden, btw. :p

Useful shit to come out of my ~60 paper girlin days 2007:
~Savings + interest, which can for a time keep me under a roof when I get fired from my, uh, future real job, so that I can take regular showers, look presentable and thus stand a chance of getting a new job that one can't get while looking like a bum
~Rain forest
~...and some greenhouse gas-offsetting
~An extra external hard drive - the comp is full so I can't keep 2 copies of every file, with 2 external drives I can do backup and send one hard drive to live across town, in case our house gets bombed or summat


A story of all my fiery relationships... with photo sharing sites.

2001: Webshots. My first... photo sharing service. After a few years, free accounts became very small. So... maybe I created multiple accounts. AHEM. Went on to cry into my pillow. Not.

2004: Fotango. I had seen a few pix online marked Fotango, so I checked them out and made use of their service. I remember but little, however, a feeling of ugliness lingers. I do not much care for the look of a site if the usage is smooth. This was not.

2004: Ofoto, later turned Kodak Gallery. Oh, what a wonderful site, comparatively. Unlimited space! The pix were shrunken to 448 pixels at the most, but that was all right, that's about the size of a normal paper photo after all. It was tricky to find the url that would allow anyone to actually see a public album without having to log in, and every time I forgot how to do it, I sent Ofoto pissed e-mails. I always found the correct way 4 s later. Eventually I learned. And the gallery decided that one had to buy pix at least once a year not to get thrown out. Reasonable... while one lives. But if Homo sapiens has to exist until 2063, it would at least be neat if my pix might stay online until the apocalypse.

2006: Yahoo Photos. We were perfect together. *cries in beach sunset* :/ Unlimited space, for free, neat, smooth, easy. Until, after less than a year of wild passion, they announced that they would close down in the autumn of 2007. I wasn't planning to seek out another photo site after the death of Yahoo Photos, as it was too time-consuming to browse for all the pix in each category (they are sorted by date) and neating up titles, captions and dates in the online albums... all the fucking time.

2007: Winkflash. A short fling with a sad ending. It had unlimited free space, they even kindly pointed out that one would not be forced to buy prints. It was impossible to rearrange the pix or link to individual ones. But at least anyone could view the public albums. I thought. That is kind of a common trait among PUBLIC ALBUMS. Until I discovered that a coupla people could not, so I e-mailed Winkflash about this bug. Which it wasn't. "Your guests only need to complete a simple registration process." Yeah, people LOVE that and will wet themselves over you and JOIN JOIN JOIN rather than surf on. I told them I would have to look for another photo site and slammed the door, believing myself to have given up. :p

2007: Webshots. By chance I found that the Webshots policy had been altered. "Uh, why does it say that this account can swallow 5800 pix, did it not use to be 3000 summat?" Now, one starts at 1000 pix but is given space for an additional 100 for every month of membership! I can live with that! :D I have gone back to Webshots. I waste no time typing every title and such, just make sure the files are already properly named on the hard drive... And as it happens, I've also made a list to help me find every photo from each category in the comp. So all I've got to do in the future is upload shit. Quickly. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I also used to think the new design of Webshots was weird, but it's mostly just smooth. :9 I hope they "never" die or change their rules. :D


My bro is moving out. YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!!! To the ghetto, which is lush. It's famously impossible to find flats in Gothenburg, and he said he had applied for 100s, but apparently it still only took 3 weeks and no one else seemed interested in this one. I hope it won't take me 50 years. :C I can settle for anything... with 1 bedroom, the right rent, near good public transport, hopefully not behind the puke-stinkin refinery... My bro got all this, on the very edge of town, near a beloved creek. The moment I get a permanent job after school I will be all over every suitable wee flat on The Great Almighty Flat Site... :p

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