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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Incredibly Great Summer 2006 Accomplishments

I did one o' these chronicles for the summer of 2004 too... So I'm gonna steal the idea from myself once more. WTF did I get "done"? (Oh, and does "chronicle" imply "chronological order"? HAHAHAHA! XD )

~Bought a new Canon cam, 6 Mpixels instead of 2!
~Shot horses at jumping competitions... AYE, CAM!
~Bought light little trainers
~Shot insects
~Edited 47524520485206820968204682056 photos
~Shot horses at mounted games competitions
~Made poor online insect album
~Online:d some of my old diaries
~Read An awfully big adventure by Beryl Bainbridge
~Read Horse heaven by Jane Smiley
~Read Moby Dick by Herman Melville
~Read Go ask Alice by anonymous author (Best book on this list)
~Read The tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë
~Read Ryttare: Tommy Nilsson by Martin Lund
~Read Lady Chatterley's lover by D.H. Lawrence
~Read Naiv. Super. by Erlend Loe
~Read Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
~Read About a boy by Nick Hornby
~Read To build a fire by Jack London
~Read Holy smoke by Anna & Jane Campion (Worst book on this list)
~Read The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
~Found effective, aluminium-free, vegan, non-animal tested deodorant *COUGH* Aroma Creme from Lush *COUGH*
~Visited Bohuslän
~Visited Tallinn, Estonia
~Visited Norway
~Celebrated Nick Lea's b-day...
~...by starting on Diary 30, the pwettiest ever, designed by Lo! (:B
~Saw The da Vinci code
~Saw Tristan & Isolde
~Sang with Robbie, and some other people
~Saw Ronan Keating live at the opening ceremony of the Euro-champs stuff :p
~Was an extra in the movie Mustafa/Massimo for one day = several scenes :D which earned me 100 SEK and possibly a place in art history (:B
~Raced around with thousands of morning papers
~Ate more fibre
~Visited Glasgow, Edinburgh & Stirling, Scotland. :B Monkeys just got updated... :p

I stayed at the Euro Hostel in Glasgow which was neat, once I had figured out that the showers actually COULD produce water above the temperature of a genuine autumn Highland loch! :9

On the first day I went for a getting-lost walk and got lost in the ghetto. I only saw 2 streets in that city worth visiting (for over-shopping, of course)... and the lovely Necropolis... and maybe the cathedral. All this could be done in one day, so I no longer see the point of Glasgow. Except it's where the planes land, and one might want to revisit Necropolis (massive romantic graveyard on hill!) in a more romantic ghostly light than friendly morning sun. :q

Perhaps the point of Glasgow would be clearer to me if I had ever bothered to sniff out the famous West End, which was off my map :O but I didn't.

I had already decided to take some bus to Edinburgh and worship Greyfriars Bobby and stalk Alan, who probably left town very soon after the Snowcake premiere. Even though My name is Rachel Corrie now ran, which was why I could hope... But I didn't see him anywhere... near the theatre... :B or anywhere else! But I did find Bobby's statue, *sniff* his grave, *BAWL* a miniature statue to take home, *finger* and Bobby's Bar, *slurp* where I imbibed a goblet of Spriteandlemonwithice. Since ~1998 I have dreamed of brooding in a wee brown Scottish pub. Of living in a whisky ad. :B

I happened to know Simple Minds would play in Edinburgh that day, but for various reasons I didn't go... Maybe I should have... I had even brought ear plugs "just in case I stumble over a Texas concert or summat"! I saw the stage in a park... from the bus back to Glasgow. D'oh! I missed a free concert they gave in Gothenburg only weeks ago. Mrrrr. Not that I've heard much of their music... But I will, hehe.

The buses from Edinburgh to Glasgow departed every 10 minutes, it seemed, which is bizarrely more often than the buses go from my home to the damn mall. Or anything. :p

On post-Edinburgh day and my last day of Scotland (I spent the last night at the airport, hehe) I had indeed planned to sniff out the West End or at least relax in the Botanic Gardens or summat, but I felt the smooth bus net calling once more. I checked the map for a hilly, close-by, neat place to go, and Stirling seemed to fit. I went there, crossed half the town (or, more probably, loads LESS), map-free, and suddenly the town ended and I had a free view of... the gate to the Highlands, as I later read in the guide book. I shot the Highlands with as many adorable sun-spots as possible, and went a little closer to the Wallace monument.

GUESS WHAT, under normal circumstances I would be soooo anxious to watch Braveheart right now... Well, I am... but I know how DISTURBED I would be every time ye-know-who came on screen... now. *POW* Anyone able to fit my DVD player with a de-Mel-iser? Wonder if he's going to apologise and mean it? +O~~~

*runs finger down back of yummy trainspotting dvd case... and harry pottah will also come in handy*

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