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Friday, January 04, 2008

YOUR fave part of the documentary Earthlings?

  • The grinding of a dog into a garbage truck?
  • The ripping out of a cow's trachea and esophagus?
  • The chopping of a piglet's tail, ears, teeth and testicles?
  • The boiling of lobsters?
  • The slitting of a dolphin's throat?
  • The slow sawing through a cow's neck?
  • The burning of a pig's skin until it cracks and falls off?
  • The skinned canine slowly lifting its head and looking around?

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Evaluation of 2007

List stolen from Carin (who stole it from Ida).

1. What day in 2007 will you always remember?
August 7, when I read the interview that led me to Nine Inch Nails, and got offered my first (and possibly last) job related to my education.
2. Did you keep any of your new year's resolutions?
I don't make them. When I don't procrastinate (which I do 99% of the fucking time) I prefer to Waste No Time. :) I mean... I prefer to waste no time even when I do procrastinate. It just doesn't occur. :p
3. Did any of your friends become a parent this year?
Sarah, on July 25.
4. Did anyone close to you die?
I noticed no such event, though it probably happened to a few bed mites.
5. What countries did you visit?
UK and Norway.
6. Is there anything missing from 2007 that you want in 2008?
A real job = something one can potentially do for 40 h/week (and where I'm not just a sub either). Oh, and the end of oppression, plus the rise of a massive, SUFFICIENT environmental movement. FO REAL!
7. Did you do something this year that you've never done before?
I got a (2-day) job that had something to do with my education.
8. What was your greatest achievement in 2007?
Well... I secured meself a master's thesis project for the spring of 2008... *shriek*
9. Biggest mistake?
Some more crushing of Tellus with my sweaty filthy oversized ecological footprint? Hopefully the foot was at least shrinking. And somewhat compensated for. Fuck.
10. Have you been ill or injured?
Nothing incapacitating except cramps... The fucking bitch...
11. Best buy?
The CD Year zero by Nine Inch Nails.
12. On what did you spend the most money?
Hopefully on conservation, but possibly on CD:s... *checks data* Largest one-time expense: iPod, used.
13. Did anything make you really happy?
My folks decided rather suddenly to quit eating chickens, pigs and eggs. For a moment there, I stopped laughing at certain people who have got Faith In Humanity............................. but nothing has come of it yet. My mum later said she's thinking of becoming a vegetarian (I suspect she means pescatorian) but she/they are still working on those WALLS! The folks seemed to be thinking about animal industry videos, so I guess I'll have to show them some more. Except, you know, they scream and run and hide behind their walls.
14. What songs will always remind you of 2007?
Probably most of what Nine Inch Nails did 1989-2007, FOR SOME REASON. :D
15. Were you happier or sadder this year compared to previous years?
I don't know. Hey Jared, who's winning the ecological race? At least I got to be high on crush drug and EXERCISE!
16. What do you wish you had done more?
Spread animal rights propaganda (BOO!), saved the environment, studied, read, gone to concerts, shot racehorses after all.
17. What do you wish you hade done less?
Destroyed the environment, accidentally stepped on snails in the night, eaten stuff due to boredom, surfed due to boredom, slightly but stupidly fucked up at work.
18. How did you spend Xmas?
I eventually decided to go to auntie's place with the others, mostly in order to see people's pressie reactions, sprinkle some weirdness, explain that The inevitable rise and liberation of NiggyTardust! that I gave away was not actually stolen despite being home-burned, and get an extra hour of cycling. I left early and listened to my new Manson CD.
19. Did you fall in love this year?
Crush, affection. :)
20. Fave show on TV?
Hmmm... Planet Earth? :D Interesting and pwetty! Hopefully it woke some latent environmentalism everywhere. Actually I only caught a few eps, but am considering getting the DVD.
21. Best book you read this year?
Fact: Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond. 8O Fiction: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows by JK Rowling. XD
22. Greatest musical discovery?
23. What did you do on your b-day in 2007?
I received and listened to With teeth by Nine Inch Nails. Fucking Aunt Flo arrived unexpectedly early but did not beat me up too bad. I also played around with the Terrible But Great GIS at school and hated it. Then I had a McBean *slrrrp* and saw This is England with my mum. &c.
24. Is there anything that would have improved your year?
See point 6. Moreover, if I had read a certain Trent interview in the local paper on July 30... I MIGHT have checked out Year zero and become a fan in time... to get my arse to the Stockholm gig on August 7!? :O "Just a little reminder of all the what abouts and all the might have, could have beens..."
25. How would you describe your style in 2007?
Um. Well-worn and black.
26. The best new people you met?
*mutter* Peeeeeeople? :S Well, I met RealLife!Carin and some Harry Potter actors, and then I started commenting on the Nine Inch Nails blog and met some nice people there.
27. Disappointment of the year?
Our collective ecological footprint is still too big and the moral circles of some are still too wee. Concerning my personal little life, I would not yet say "the continued absence of a Real Job to keep up my sleeve for post-graduation" because the job I did get led me to Nine Inch Nails which was nice and possibly important and I may still get a Real Job. :B

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