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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cheesy poem dedicated to **** ******, featuring moons and stars and sht

I wrote it on February 7, 2005. If you read it, you will die of envy. Or pain. Yeah, pain. I'm really a Vogon. Oops.

I stand on the shore
Tasting the wind for grass and smoke
A sallow moon rises to ripple in black
Less brilliant than that by which I was blinded
Two nights past the vagabond desert star
No brighter than those moons I’m waiting to see
Two twin moons covered in unthirsty violets
Hiding now behind the rim of my world

~by Ratexla Kettleburn

Argh, I've written in this blog for 3 days straight now. Don't get used to that -- awww, don't cry... I guess I can always fill things out with my other cheesy poems if funny stuff doesn't happen every day! Hey, why are you guys running? Ah well... *returns to owl quill*

Mmmm, owl quill... *is lulled*


And while I'm here - mind if I steal your idea Lo, and ask my fellow Rickmaniacs if I may link to your blogs? :x *flattens self against dust*

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


The professor today: "I've had this job for so long, that in order to get fired I'd have to, like, shoot the queen. Actually, I had coffee with the crown princess last week. So I had my chance, but I didn't take it. Not to sound like a royalist or anything, she was damn charming though! I was more of a royalist when I left! *ergle*"


Sunday, April 24, 2005

I noticed some of the other Rickmaniacs took this test....

Your Love Style is Manic

For you, love is the ultimate rollercoaster
And you love to hold on tight and enjoy the ride
Every time you fall in love, it feels like the first time
And while it's exciting and exhilarating...
It's also stressful and scary!

1. So, I'm not called a Rickmaniac for nothing...? :O
2. Wow, and Alan likes rollercoasters... Me, I'm an infatuation junkie.
3. Yeah, stalking is stressful and scary. :D

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I went to the cinema today, Phantom of the Opera... cuz little voices of net buddies kept ringing in my head about how sexy it was, or summat. :B (They were Rickmaniacs, so I decided to trust their taste. Hehe.) ANYWAY, pretty cool, still digesting it, and I suck at writing reviews. SO YOU AIN'T GETTING ONE!!! >:) Except... Well, nothing wrong with Gerard Butler, but I wanna go back in time and cast the Rickman or Richard Roxburgh (with Dracula wig, plz) as the Phantom... *loses health* Moreover, the cinema flooded with snot! *applause*

While I waited for the cinema people to let me in I sat down with my boring book next to some 13-year-oldish girls who were staring at 3 lovely Hitchhiker's Guide posters 15 m up in the air, one of which was ALL MARVIN! :D
Kiddie 1: "Look at those."
Kiddie 2: "If only one could tell what the movie is called."
Kiddie 3: "Weird movie."
Kiddie 1: "Ya know, when I was in London, I walked past the premiere of that movie. There were some celebs there, even."
Yoze-mind: *explodes*
Kiddie 2: "Anyone cool?"
Kiddie 1: "Nah. Too bad it was such a weird movie that no one cares about, without any proper celebs."
Yoze's fingers: *strangle*
Kiddies' necks: *crack*
Truckload of unabridged Hitchhiker books: *falls from high altitude on kiddies*

Hmm or maybe I'm remembering the last part all wrong... I hope these dark thoughts are not illegal, I'm only kidding about the kiddies' tragic fate, etc etc... After all, I had not yet unearthed all my present cultural treasures (...) when I was their age. X*C Poor all people who never do. :B

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2. Me trying to make my non-art-appreciating folks watch Deadwood episode 1 (COUGHmore douriphiles for the worldCOUGH) :
MUM: God this is a boring show! NOTHING has happened so far!
YOZE: It's called Introduction Of The 40000 Identical-Looking And Well-Written Characters, dammit! Comes before the Conflict Buildup! SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR SUMMAT TO HAPPEN OR I [AND MY SECRET LOVE DOC COCHRAN] SHALL LEAVE YOU AND YOUR GREASY VCR!!!
MUM: Noooooo! Don't leave! I hate this show... but don't leave!
YOZE: You're being rational... :O
BRAD DOURIF: *is brain-piercin' belly-squeezin' pig-oglin' heroically gun-slingin' love*
YOZE: Oh feck, I forgot he can't stay awake in front of a telly for more than 10 minutes! You sure you wanna stay and watch?
DAD: I won't fall asleep again.
PIGS: Yay! Manflesh!
YOZE: Dad, please go to bed or something as we all know you'll only fall asleep again here.
DAD: No, don't worry... I wasn't sleeping...
MUM: So, Yoze, whom on this show is it that you're in love with?
YOZE: Er... um... uh... None of your fecking business! What makes you think I'm obsessed with anyone on this show, ehehe?!
TAPE: *pop* Take me away from all this, Yoze! Sniff!
YOZE & TAPE: *ride off into rohan sunset*
MUM: Nooo... Why are you leaving? I don't mind watching at all!


At least she would "never" have figured out that Brad was my Deadwood love... :D Unless she's stared too much at my beautiful 30000 image screensaver. :O


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