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Monday, October 31, 2005

Two years of a fuller life!

On October 30, 2003 I caught myself thinking a lot about that ALAN guy. :D

ONE WEEK TO GO AND THEN - the Alan-less Goblet of Fire London premiere. And Jason isn't in the UK. And David isn't in the film. And Emma Thompson wasn't at the last premiere. And... And... And I still suspect school will stupidly try to keep me in Sweden. It's 99% paranoia though. Anyway, I think I COULD tell a funeral tale rather than waste 10 weeks (course) and 1000 SEK (London). IT HAS TO WORK OUT!!! XC I'll know by Thursday... +P

Tomorrow I will turn in the last two crap papers of this past course. Extremely interesting course - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - and at least I've learned SOMETHING and am now whipped by more panic than before, I think, woohoo, but my grade will SUCK! 6 papers and no exams. It's been nearly impossible to fail, but since I've never seen a whole or drawn a conclusion in my LIFE I won't get star grades either.

There are 3 levels here:
U = Failure
G = OK
VG = Can I Have My Picture Taken With You?

Teacher: "Oh, you can work together with someone on this first paper... AS LONG AS I DON'T SEE YOU DO IT! GROWL!"
Classmate, later: "YAY! Got a VG- for Paper 1, I'd never have made it if I hadn't worked together with someone! :D"
Teacher, talking to someone nearby: "If you scored a G+ here and do great on the other papers, I'll start thinking about giving you a total grade of VG."
Lone Ranger Yoze biting her G: "@£$€#¤%&@£$%!!!"

Not that I expected to do great on any papers, but in any case - who will want to hire One Of Them Rangers with a G in conservation biology?! :p The most effective thing to do might be suicide asap, so I can give all my earthly posessions to conservation projects. :B

Kidding... I suppose... Until I see the grade of my next course, which also seems very relevant to my future, that is... SNIFF. XC I'M GONNA FECKING GO FOR A HIGHER GRADE THERE!!! DAMMIT!!! WHIP ME HARDER!!! OOOOOH YEAH!!!

Moreover, they say a similar course will come up a few years from now. WHIP!!!

BUT! I can settle for something less than American minister for the environment. :D *canned laughter* (Hmm, wonder if they have such a minister???) Any dirty old conservation work would feel more or less meaningful. (Just gimme $$ for tea, planes, hot water, broadband and other basic necessities. +P Dude, maybe I should be under a bridge.) I see myself building fences. In certain pretty places. Hehehehehehehe. Hehehe. Or getting shot by poachers and left to die slowly for 5 days. Or (if lousy Rangers don't get shot) guarding an area against some evil company's bulldozers. (Ahem ahem. Wonder if anyone would give you tea money for that.) Or writing panicky things on milk packets. For example "Quit drinking this goddamn milk, [insert methane emission stats here], HAAAAAHA!"

Then again, they say vv few biologists find work in their field. If that problem persists (which a lot of people say it won't, and just for the sake of the planet I hope they are right, and they also say the world's been waiting for them omnipotent Rangers) I can always deny that my future position behind the register at McMurder (THAT WILL BE MURDER! GAWD I'M FUNNY!) had anything to do with my grades. :p


One week of the extremely interesting course was spent 130 km away, in that luxurious hotel again. (Where I did NOT stay with THE GUY this time!!! We were 4 lasses in one room instead. Huh, huh, huh. Nah. Oh, and I already shared that vision of olive oil and pink pillows with someone.) We sat around sippin tea and discussing the big questions, such as "WTF are we gonna say to convince Bush once he lets us into his cosy office???" I don't know why we couldn't do that at school. (The discussions, I mean...!) Maybe they didn't want our everyday lives to distract us, someone suggested. :9 *licks vegan gourmet food which i hope was rilly vegan all the time, ahem* It was quite pleasant, we watched photos and docus at night, and the paper I wrote there got a higher grade than the previous one. G+/VG-. *whip* Which, then, officially doesn't mean sh*t.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Which wonderful facet of Brad Dourif's appearance am I?

You are Brad Dourif's adorableness. When people see
you, they squeal with delight and attempt to
pinch your cheeks. Fangirls may also attempt to
wrap you up in pink blankies and spoon-feed you
chicken noodle soup.

Which wonderful facet of Brad Dourif's appearance are you?
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wishlist! Aye!

In order. Not. Duh. No longer continually updated.

  • Bono gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Update: OMGhedidn'tgetitin2005either!
  • Homo sapiens all lose their sex drive (yay, then someone will be able to concentrate in class, huh huh huh huh)
  • School lets me go to the Goblet of Fire premiere (gulp, I'll know... by November 3, er...)
  • Homo sapiens "all" catch a meat-borne virus that causes Severe vomiting and thus subsequent veg*ism *whistles innocently*
  • Alan comes to the London Goblet of Fire premiere.
  • I wake up able to speak in a British/Irish accent.
  • My fave horsey does not get murdered for economic reasons. Nor does anyone else.
  • Alan desperately wishes to perform in another stage play. Or 2. Or...
  • I score a Conservation grade higher than Acceptable. HAHAHAHAHA.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Finger that mouse every day!

Make ClickAndSave your starting page and click on SOMETHING every day! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!! CLICK!!!

And my new e-mail addy is ratexla_kettleburn83@planet-save.com :B *re-reads* Ah... Finally my luv for Nick & Alan will be nakedly obvious to anyone who wants to communicate with me, while 5 square feet of rainforest are saved by each e-mail I send! 8O GET YOUR OWN PLANET-SAVE ADDY, PWETTY PLEASE WITH SAP ON TOP! :x

With luck, the sites are true AND the laws protecting the saved pieces have TEETH.

OK, I've been growing sick of myself again and figured I could sweep up the great(est) number of species with each click if I found a, ahem, well-known and trustworthy rainforest charity. That old treehugger is blooming under the spell of my current uni course. We are told/reminded of horrible truths every day. If I had trouble sleeping, I... wouldn't sleep.

I want to drown my sorrows in films.

The Lawd: "Yoze, I have come to inform you that the world is totally fecked."
Yoze: "I know. I just traded in my left lung for a square centimetre of lichen in Brazil. I'm watching Closet Land to dull the pain here."
Yoze: "Dude, are you deaf?"
Yoze: *scutter*

Exam question: "This is wee Sweden. What do you think should be done with the land?"
Them Rangers: "Shag Bill Gates. Buy Sweden. Release a few cloned mammoths. Shoot them if they eat more than 20% of the trees."

Biology (like fluffy animals, slimy animals and Alan) and the arts (like paperbacks and popcorn flicks and Alan) are the things I enjoy most at the mo. :)

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Jane Ey-Something by Charlotte Bront-Something does Norway

Wow, I've got a blog? OK, since last time...

1. I went back to Norway. I did all the typical energetic Norway activites last year & shot all the mountains I could, so this time around I just READ. Jane Eyre - everyone talks about it. As usual, I suspect the majority of Everyone are Rickmaniacs. :D No doubt whom they had discussed as a role for Alan, even though I could not remember any names.

Mr Rochester...


Evil producer: "Yeah Yoze, you just screamed. Forget the whole film. *BLAM*"

2. I passed the floristics, I MEAN HERBOLOGY, exam which everyone knew they were going to fail. Especially after the teacher told us he had ALMOST failed his. The plants we'd learned by heart were... easy enough, but then we had to identify the other half of the exam plants using a key, ie knowing what the hell the little book meant by "hairy", "red", "large" and "stinkin'", exactly.

Our greatest fear were the horribly difficult grasses. The grasses were our arch enemies. At least there wouldn't be more than 1 grass out of the 15 key exam plants... would there?
It would. 2/15 plants were grasses. I got them both wrong. Dragged down my grade. The grasses must all DIE!

Except oat.

3. At least I could now allow myself to go and see... The Island! The first movie I saw in the cinema mainly (in this case only) because of Ewan... Lucky I went though, because it wasn't as bad as They want you to believe. It was... in fact... about...


...I chose to think. Therefore I am extra annoyed that it flopped, if that's what happened! Oh well, now YOU know, so go & devour some propaganda spiced with the LOVELY EWAN!!! *stalks writer to ask about diet*

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