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Monday, October 29, 2007

I spent a day in the forest with a boy. We just couldn't say no & we went too far!

That day was Thursday. And Tuesday-Wednesday I was out there with 2 blokes!

Erm. My classmates. Our assignment was to try and find key habitats, meaning nice shit, based on the presence of certain structures and species that indicate more hard-to-find, hard-to-ID, threatened species. And at times I felt as if we weren't picky enough in our key habitat-choosing. And sometimes it felt as if we skipped areas because we wanted to get outta there. :p (Now it'll feel like our fault when the habitats are mangled.) Oh, and we sucked at species knowledge. There were also times when we wandered off the map, because the map sucked AND was 12 years old.

Weather luck: Good. Every daaaaaaaaayyyyy was exactly the saaaaaaaaaaaaame. Cold mornings, warm later, sunny, still. From the bus out to the forest one could already see golden fog between the hills and thick mist serenely covering the many lakes or rising from the heather. And once in the woods we ran into the remnants of a slaughtered elk, the stomach and intestines (along with a tuft of hair and some blood). It looked like a gargantuan haggis baking in the sun. A few punctures.

*blob* *blubb blubb*

AND I HADN'T BROUGHT MY FUCKING CAMERA! After that it was 3 days before I had the chance to go back and get a shot for my corpse photo album. The elk haggis still looked kinda, ah, good. In a visual sense.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Musical inbreeding!

Here is a shitty translation of something I wrote in my Swedish blog 5 years ago... Hehe, if only I'd had the purely true, uncompromising Trent there to comfort me. :D However, one day... I was going to stumble upon him. And his independence. Which has always been a reality, anyway. (SO HOLD ON, YOZE 2002. :p Refraining from checking out Nine Inch Nails in 1997 is still gonna trash your IQ test result though. It would have been 2 otherwise.)

Myspace was also unheard of. XD

***Friendly tip: Read no further if my CURRENT grammar & spelling causes you pain in any way.***


Wednesday, September 04, 2002
musical inbreeding

the expression i stole from a letter-to-the-editor letter writer......but anyway: just happened to watch a part of Fame Factory or whatever it's called (TV3) and the steelhearted jury said like 48 times:

"sweetie, you gotta decide what your thing is, you can't do a little bit here and a little bit there. YOU CAN'T MIX GENRES, CAN YOU!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?"
hate that you can only get a record contract if you let the plastic-unidirectional-britney-popstars-contract thing fuck you :P and nobody DARES to do otherwise cuz then the record company might lose OOOONE BUUUUUCK!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! lucky i don't want a record contract (i mean, do not greatly desire it) of fuckin COURSE one can like/do different genres AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they disgusted me thaz all.....just wanted to say that..........consider how disgusting they are when you look for a record contract and so on and so forth............. <:)
whether the shit sounds good or not is irrelevant :(


Now, of course, the sinful genre-mixing might not have been the main concern for Trent's EX-LABEL (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)... or it might have been. Butcha know what I mean.

I left a comment in me old blog, to be sent back through time. It said "STARFUCKERS!!! STARFUCKERS!!! STARFUCKERS INCORPORATED!!! STARFUCKERS!!!"

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Scary challenge!

OK, apparently I have been CHALLENGED by Carin! I said I'd try to fix this last nite, sorry I didn't. :p

Soooooo, I'm supposed to list my 5 fave cities that I've been to... (Cool hometown doesn't count, eh? :B )

Gawdayum unjust ranking...

1. Hmmmmmmmm... London, UK? I could do without a lot of London itself because there is too much noise and traffic and soot, but I need it because I HAVE HAD SO MUCH FUN IN LONDON! XD Celeb-collecting and shit. And there are some nice peaceful spots. :) Last visit: 2007.

2. Lake Louise Village, Alberta, Canada? The closest... "city" to one of the prettiest places on the planet. :D My visit: 2003.

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the US? Temp. Water. Water temp. Waves. Size of sand grains. Pelicans diving 4 feet away from me. Palm trees. Lizards. Parrots. Art. Thunder. Rain. Lightning. In the world of Year zero, Fort Lauderdale has been drowned. My visit: 1999.

4. Paris, France. It felt cleaner and more open than London. Montmartre was VERY pwetty and romantic. :D My visit: 2004.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? It's got Nicholas Lea, mountains, beaches, parks, and nearby cougars. :) Last visit: 2003.

Gasp. I gotta post pics from each city? Will do... when Webshots grants me more room in a few months. :p

List of all the countries I've visited. I collect countries. Too.


Some other places I'd like to visit:
-Algarve, Portugal
-Costa Rica
-Lacock, UK
-New Zealand
-Rome, Italy
-Zakynthos (sp), Greece

And I hereby challenge... hmmm... Lo!

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