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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gothenburg Film Festival 2006! PARTY!

The wild blue yonder was very good! For such an... artsy film. :D It had been hyped and/so the cinema was packed! They loved Brad! I loved Brad, gasp!

Artsy or not... The ending was so beautiful! *SNIFFLE* The best part. My kind of ending. :) My dream. In Simpsons Bully Voice: "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA!"

*wakes up*


I just hope those 3-5 astronauts succumbed to inbreeding/the jungle/the precipice before they managed to start... um, the 7th mass extinction. :/


Before the film started I had time to enter the festival tent... (That sounds... orgy-ish.) It's a party tent and they throw in various Winter Hosts - artists that show their bestest favourite film clips ever, apparently. (And that makes me - A WINTER GUEST! OMG! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. HA.) Tonight they had brought in Amanda Ooms. Alan co-worker for my celeb collection. :9 *click* *scutter*

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Fluffy green leftovers

Sorry I have not blogged for two months...! Ehehehe. At first I did not feel I had the time and then I was too tense about the upcoming exam and then I did not want to get sucked into cyberspace for eternity. Originally I had 600 topics piled up, I have now forgotten half of them and cannot be arsed to treat many of the rest. So they will not even join the digital disaster.

OK, I got some good Alan shite for Xmas:

  • Rasputin on DVD! OMG! I had been looking for it for two years... Nice movie! :B Ohhhhhhhh, Alan, I'm in heaven and it's hotter than HELL!
  • The Essential Shakespeare Live. 11 minutes of Alan in As you like it... exactly 20 years ago, minus 3 days! *nostalgic* Not that I saw the play. X'C

Two conversations out of my class, which, as usual, sounded much better IRL - December 2005, conservation seminar flying free as a passenger pigeon (also preferable IRL, but extinct):

E: We must teach the kids to recycle, step by tiny step!
B: We have to INFILTRATE them!
E: That's why we should all become Kindergarten teachers...
M: Rilly, I wasn't going to have kids in this shite world, but then my friend said *I* should have them and not just some moron! *I* should spread my environmentalist habits!
T: Wow, your friend has a good grasp of evolutionary theory.
M: The weird thing is, he's like this total HUMANIST!
E: We could adopt kids to pass on our habits.
M: Adopt the morons' kids.
E: Is there an age limit? Cuz if not, you can adopt the morons.
Class: *starts talking about crazy swede who adopted 40-yo indian*
M: I can buy up carbon dioxide emission quotas? Where?! :D
Z: *COUGH* http://www.snf.se/ *COUGH*
M: And THEN, 40 years from now, when their value has gone WAY up, and I'm on my deathbed and childless, I can sell them for much more! 'Course... I won't be able to do anything with my profit... Yes! I can buy heroin for it all! Btw, seriously, if I ever get cancer I'll start doing heroin, it's supposed to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! Though it would be tough if the cancer turned out to be some benign kinda skin cancer that could just be SCRAPED OFF!!! ROTF!!!

Note: Sadly, there will be little 2045 heroin for this bloke. I purchased an emission quota and they last only two years. :/ That is still nice I guess. (I gave it to my dad for Xmas, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

But the idea of deathbed heroin is nice! I had heard it before. I was kind of going to... Mmmm, heroin... (Or Nick/Alan/Joaquin/Brad could just pop in...) But that was of course before I realised I wanted to burn all my leftover $$ on rainforest and stuff! Here's what I will do - I shall steal a kid's heroin. Saving the kid, saving more rainforest, enjoying my deathbed. Weeeee, win-win-win.

Unless, of course, the deforestation continues at the present rate, in which case it will all be gone in, what, 40 years??? and I will have to find out the second best alternative. SIGH, I HOPE GOOGLE WILL KNOW IT!!! Heck, anyway, it could happen way before then, if the forests collapse at certain critical sizes. X'C

I am reading the inspiring-depressing-nerve-wracking The future of life by Edward O. Wilson at the mo. OH MY GAAAAAAAAAWD!!! READ IT!!!

*represses a few dark misanthropic forbidden thoughts which might get me thrown off blogger and that would be a drag would it not*

Not counting all the nerdy, subjective ethical reasons, saving this shite would be easy *COUGH*reasoneducationcondomsveggiesandstuff*COUGH*, necessary and profitable for us, anyway. The question is... WILL THEY FIND OUT IN TIME?!

Goddamn, I'm angry, as my platitude-squirting bro would say. Having feelings sure sucks.

I'm a bad environmentalist too. According to my own ethics or whatever, I should kill myself, but... here I am... waiting for... um... Harry Potter 7! Yup! I will try to buy up my own eco-footprint in the meantime! :p At least! Cheaper for vegs. And third-worlders. On average.
Speaking of death, today I almost had a heart attack because...





Elijah Wood is going to be at the scifi con in March!

  • Elijah is not my favourite actor of all time
  • Brad is my favourite LOTR actor
  • Sean Astin cancelled last minute last year, so I'm not getting any silly hopes up
  • 50 000 000 people will camp outside the con because of Elijah
  • I will lose studying time
  • I will lose money
  • I will lose my dignity
  • I will lose my dignity again as I move on to the next celeb
  • I will perhaps lose my dignity a third time
  • I'm a Pothead, you know
Sure Elijah is among my favourites, and I was quite sweet on him 4 years ago, but half the heart attack was, I'd say, from surprise! :D I would not have thought OUR little con would get such a GIANT so SOON! I think I saw him on the guest list of Collectormania in the UK and said to my buddy "Look, at least Elijah visits cons, and in Europe too, what if he comes to Sweden" but I didn't believe he would! YAY!!!
Oh, and Gawd, if he cancels, replace him with NICK or BRAD plzthanx.

The Gothenburg Film Festival starts today. I haven't gone there since 2001, but now I'm seeing one Brad movie (The Wild Blue Yonder), one Thewlis movie (All the invisible children) and one horse movie (Zaïna, rider of the Atlas). :) THE Joaquin movie was sold out. Oh, it will run in such a nice cinema... :p Well, I was just trying to decide whether I should see an Elijah movie too, I guess I will now... Research and all, ya know... damdidamdidam... It looks funny and the festival tix are kinda cheap and what if I can never find it later in life...

FUNNY, I forgot to mention the exam. "He is evil" echoed through the corridors the next day. The exams have not yet been returned. I suppose they are working their way through mine - a mess of gut feeling and stress. Rhyme. They must either be in therapy or trying not to die from laughter. X'C

I've also quit da horseriding for the time being. Pretty good place, but I am sated at present, fecking climate, OMG other people, walking is exercise too, and the money could be better spent. Hehe... I used to mentally convert all money into DVD's, now it's London and... its opposite. :B

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