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Friday, November 24, 2006

VG, hypoxia & 1 Deep British Voice

BRAGGING OD: Got our latest exam results the day before yesterday. First off, we were informed that everybody had survived. The teacher did not know whether to blame our brilliance or his kindness. But you know what they say about Swedish education. Or not.

Well, tawp grayde VG was set at 85% (while it is normally 80%, I think it was because they had had to remove one question afterwards or summat...) and I scored 86.84%! YES! SQUEE! Not expected, as this was a rather abstract and talky exam with a lot of "Discuss, dammit, discuss!" in it. :p Think this VG has been my life goal since I made a miserable little G on a similar course in 2005. :) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was extraordinarily sweet to receive 3/3 points for my answer to a Q about "pros and cons of political conservation targets, are such targets appropriate and why, and did we propose other or complementary strategies?" And my answer was split into wee bombshell fragments all over the paper, too. Poor teacher. :B Here be my fatarse, 100% answer, outta the book via me brain, uglily (...) translated, de-messed, with teacher's stapled comments and supposedly approving underlinings in Slytherin green:

Good: -Perhaps the politicians are more likely to stick to decisions which they and not a hippy biologist have made.
-The targets may seem high, which makes the world realise the importance of protection, as even the powerful people set such targets --> everybody takes conservation more seriously and try to contribute to it.
-If people realise that the targets are too low this too can encourage widespread and general conservation?

-It is better than nothing. The populations may survive until the surroundings possibly become more eco-friendly, and then some can spread from the protected areas, which hopefully would not have become too depleted.
Bad: -The targets rarely ARE high (enough)! One hears 5% of a forest or 12% globally, but for many species extinction begins at ~30% of original population/habitat size, and cannot be stopped thereafter. I believe somebody suggested that 70% of the Earth be protected, and a study showed that the targets of scientists and experts are often set about 3 times as high as those of politicians. This may be because the political targets are often compromises and are held back by for example short term economic interests, although they might have been higher to begin with.
-The public may believe that the low targets are sufficient, so that conservation outside of protected area ceases.
-They say nothing of what is to be protected. ["could be said"] The politicians might mainly set aside land which is unprofitable to use, but it may have low natural values. A writer of one article pointed out the importance of protecting primarily hotspots (threatened and rare), that is, concentrating the protection to rain forests and the like.

Measures?: -Education ["good"] about ecology, so that also decision makers, voters, etc want high targets.
-The aforementioned concentration on hotspots. (50% of species on 2% of the land surface = rain forests?)
-Somebody said that areas should be protected based on how productive they are!
-General respect for natural values EVERYWHERE.

To propose 95% protection so that decision makers only could push it down to 50% would perhaps be an illegal scientific lie and falsification of results... unless one included the conflicting interests and the compromise into one's calculations?! ["!"]

A "few"
Homo sapiens less could reduce the problem fundamentally. (The way there might include education --> liberation (of women), + education about ecology, that is, even in the lower grades --> creates necessary motivation... hopefully. However, I don't have the Nobel Prize for social studies/psychology.) There wouldn't be enough people to make an impact on X% of the Earth. Less bickering and agonising over decisions.

excuse the messiness!

["3 good (despite the messiness :) )"]

Hihi, I got something right. *wallow wallow wallow wallow wallow wallow*


Location: Comp room, Uni of Gothenburg, The Milky Way
Date: Friday, some damn year A.D.
Time: 4.13 pm
Oxygen level: *mumble*

4 merry zombied students huddled round their almost finished project faintly become aware of a tingle that may have been trickling through the room - for the last hour? For the last 10 000 years? No one knows. :O
Group member: "L is tired..."
Group member: "What is it, L?"
Classmate at other comp: "It's just a picture... on this comp... HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI! XD"
Yozemind: *conjures image of hardcore porn out of comp room experience*
Classmate at other comp: "It's a heron... HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI... XD"
Yozemind: *evaluating porn potential of herons*
Group member (reading from project report): "'...and we also paid a visit to a hunting museum where one can view animals (stuffed) in their natural habitats.' Well, those weren't really their natural habitats though, were they? I remember seeing a wolf in a trap pit, and -"
Group member: "Aight, we'll have to change that sentence." *bangs delete button*
Project report: "...and there is also a hunting museum where one can view animals (stuffed) -"
Group member: "Stuffed where?"
Everybody: *stare at comp* *sway*
Everybody: "ROTFLMAO! XD"
Everybody: *proofreads project report*
Project report: "There are two hunting clubs who take whatever part of the elk quota manages to escape the king."
Group member: "'There are two hunting clubs who manage to escape the king'?!"
Group member: "No, it says -"
Group member: "Oh!"
Everybody: "ROTF! XD"
Group member: "...who manages to escape the king's MURDEROUS SLAUGHTER!"
Yozemind: *wonders what she would choose out of being shot in her lungs, starving to death, being bit to pieces, jumping off the 60 m cliff in the project area, or sweetly drifting to sleep in anoxic comp room*


Yesterday was historical! I... I finally heard Sacha speak as himself. :D

*deep... british... male... voice... number 234248*

My comp speakers are dead, which hasn't been a huge problem until, oh, I got meself a fave actor/comedian/warrior/man who was SUCH a chameleon that in my 6 years of knowing about his existence I had never heard his real accent/voice, which, however, were bound to be fab, and, against all better judgment, I tempted myself by staring at silent talk show videos! YEAH!


Sneaked onto dad's comp last night. It loaded Youtube-Letterman :D so damn quickly that I actually had time to hear Sacha say wannabe gangster before the comp was reclaimed by its rightful owner. :9

Speaking of our wannabe gangster - why TV hasn't shown the Ali G movie lately, to feed off the Borat hype, is beyond me. (Which does not say much.)

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Total list!

From C! Only cos she was so kind as to publish an English questionadgjaagajg the other day in ancient times! (:B

Name: J******* S******
Do you like your name?: I'm probably the only one globally, so I CAN'T HIDE :O
Do you know what your name means?: Something, God, something, maybe
What would you like it to be?: Nikita or Dana
If you were the opposite sex, what would it be?: Nicholas? :B
Age: 23 XC
Age you act: 19? 14? :D
Age you’d like to be: 19
Why?: Old enough to get a license and all that shite, but the aging process hasn't started!
Sexual orientation (gay/bi/straight): Str8, forgot by how many % according to the Sparks test
Sex/gender: O+
Birthplace: Gothenburg!
Nationality: Swedish
Currently living in...: Gothenburg!
Proud of your nationality?: It's kinda unusual :B But I'm more proud of being a Gothenburger *paranoid minority complex caused by stockholm... and paranoia*
What nationality would you like to be?: Canadian, British or Irish :p
Kind of house you live in: Shoebox-shaped
Who do you live with?: Dawg, parents and Antichrist
Do you like the area you live in?: Could be worse, could be prettier
~ favourites ~
Colour(s): Black? Red? Purple?
Food(s): Vegan pizza
Drink(s): Diet coke... which I avoid for health reasons
Place: Lake Louise? Leicester Square, May 30, 2004? :D
Weather: Would the Siberian tundra please stay frozen until I have managed to eradicate the [CENSORED]...
Season: Summer? :p
Girl’s name: Nikita? I don't really have a perfect one. LUCKY I WON'T NEED ANY, EITHER!!!
Boy’s name: Nicholas!
Games console: Hmm, we had something fun in 1992! :)
Video game: Super Mario World could be played on the fun thingy!
Video game character: The rhino or some other forgotten animal in Donkey Kong
Movie(s): Lunch with Charles
Movie genre (horror, comedy, etc): Adventure-action-comedy, Cosy British Film or Sick Comedy
Swear-word/curse-word/whatever: Fuck.
~ least favourites ~
Colour(s): Mmm, pwetty colours... I want them aaaaaaall... But maybe not white *squint* Except on Shadowfax :)
Food(s): In the vegan universe, licorice +S
Drink(s): Coffee XP
Place: Behind the counter at McDeath *nightmares of meat endorsement & dissatisfied guests*
Weather: Icy wind in me ears
Season: Late winter
Girl’s name: Walburga?
Boy’s name: Urban
Games console: Uh...
Video game(s): Everything I haven't played?
Video game character(s): ...
Movie(s): Well, I did see this horror movie where some people were being chased by ants and didn't think to hop into a nearby body of water
Genre of movie: American romcoms with white background on the poster, court movies, war movies, and heavy snob-drama :B (just... generally...)
Swear-word/curse-word/whatever: Slut (if the user thinks that's a bad thing but calls promiscuous men "studs" and doesn't mind THOSE. UNFAIR ARSEHOLE!)
~ music ~
Favourite type of music: Rock/pop, but I like to think my dah'ling Robbie is mainly RRRRROCK! Some of the time.
Favourite song(s): OH PUHLEEEEEEEEEASE! Well, my revenge is to say that on my mind at the moment is a certain piece of the Madagascar soundtrack. :B
Favourite male vocalist: Robbie Williams!
Favourite female vocalist: Melanie C's voice is cool but the female vocalist I listen to the most is the Texas woman
Least favourite genre of music: Something from the 30's?
Murderdolls vs Frankenstein Drag Queens: Never heard of em...
HIM vs Evanescence: I've only heard about Evanescence, which are OK *cowers before C* :)
Slipknot vs StoneSour: Never heard...
Coal Chamber vs Devil Driver: Whaaaaaaaaaat?
System Of A Down vs Mudvayne: Er, well...
Nirvana vs Muse: Nirvana, then...
Marilyn Manson vs KoRn: Can't think of any songs by them.
Funeral For A Friend vs Metallica: Metallica perhaps?
Green Day vs Simple Plan: Green Day
Rancid vs NOFX: *zapp*
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters
Blink 182 vs Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte
Sugarcult vs The Ataris: Unknown!
Linkin Park vs Lostprophets: Linkin Park are the ones I... know I've heard
The Rasmus vs AFI: Nope
~ first word(s) that come to mind ~
Penguin: Private :)
Chicken: Torture
Sock: Violence
Walrus: Blubber :q
Gold: Knife
Goat: Playgoat (mag cover aimed at Osama)
Skull: Knock
Anarchy: Dowhatyouwantwithouthurtinganyone as defined by my childhood classmate
Pink: Nails
Swirl: Paint
Aqua: Danish bubblegum pop band
Mega: CD shop
Love: Hands moving to touch face
Knife: Stab
Heaven: Sunny meadow with blue creek & big deciduous trees *shrinko-biologists sob happily*
Hell: Black rocks
Cow: Confinement
Blood: Mooncup
Doll: Flappy
Coal: Disaster
Freak: "Freak of nature" knickers sold at Anastacia concert
Mud: Borat & Azamat
Tart: Bridget
~ Rock, Okay, Suck or Not Sure ~
Slipknot: Not Sure
Mudvayne: Not Sure
Murderdolls: Not Sure
Marilyn Manson: Not Sure
KoRn: Not Sure
HIM: Not Sure
Coal Chamber: Not Sure
StoneSour: Not Sure
Devil Driver: Not Sure
Evanescence: Okay
The Rasmus: Not Sure
Blink 182: Okay
AFI: Not Sure
Rancid: Not Sure
The Distillers: Not Sure
Funeral For A Friend: Not Sure
Good Charlotte: Okay
Probot: Not Sure
Nirvana: Okay
Bowling For Soup: Not Sure
Green Day: Okay
Simple Plan: Not Sure
Linkin Park: Not Sure
Nine Inch Nails: Not Sure
System Of A Down: Not Sure
~ chose between ~
Our old favourite.. pepsi or cola?: Cola?
Chocolate or candy?: Candy = always hard? (HUH HUH HUH.) My short term fave, but alas, they cause afte. Unless my afte has DIED lately...? Fave for now: a certain smooth handmade big fat choc chunk crammed with big fat nuts :9
Ginger beer or cream soda?: What?
Love or hate?: LOVE, DAMMIT!
Life or death?: :/
Heaven or hell?: Heaven is pwetty spring, but hell = autumn red = also cosy! ;B
Suicide or homocide? (subtle as a sky scraper, i am.): Suicide, if you please
Black or pink?: Black
Red or blue?: Red
Friday or Saturday?: Fridayyyyyyyyyy... afternoon.
Enemies or rivals?: Rivals
Punk rock or death metal?: Death metal?
Anarchy ’A’ or pentagram?: Pentagram, cool theories in The da Vinci code :B
AIM or YIM?: Er?
Gig or party?: Gig!
Late or early?: Early
Past or future?: Show me da future.
E-mail or text?: E-mail
~ have you ever ... ~
Smoked?: No
Done drugs?: Tea, but I'm on milder green eco-fair trade-tea now
Cheated on your partner?: Yes, if by "partner" or "lover" one means "idol"
Done something bad without your parents knowing?: Yes :O
Lied to the police?: No, I haven't met many
Stayed in bed all day? (apart from when you’re ill): No...
Had an operation?: Yes, but I wasn't knocked out. They removed a wee birthmark. And do pulled teeth count?
Purpously harmed yourself?: 9 piercings throughout me life :)
Purpously harmed somebody else?: Yes, by eating meat and non-organic bananas and such
Tried to make your own ’jackass’/’dirty sanchez’ movie?: No! However, I did take a series of shots of my bro pretending to pee in a wine glass (which he later drank from), and poking a napkin through his brain.
Been bullied?: 9th grade
Bullied someone else?: Maybe XC
Graffitied on a wall?: Define :B
Uhmm ’gone to the toilet’ in public?: Probably, AS A WEE LASS
~ what/who was the last... ~
Person you talked to?: Classmate & project partner
Thing you said?: "Yeah, there's the file"
Thing you ate?: White bread bun with lettuce, red peppers, fake chicken and cucumber
Thing you drank?: Organic orange juice
Person you hugged?: My aunt or someone, at my b-day partyparty
Video game you played?: Super Mario World? ;)
Thing you bought?: School book about environmental law. "HI, I STUDY THE LAAAAAA'"
Programme you watched?: Cuppen
Film you watched?: Madagascar :B Not the best ever. My faves were Julian, Mort, Private & them pwetty colours...
Person you contacted over the phone?: Mum?
Friend’s house you visited?: "...legend became myth..."
CD you listened to?: U2's Vertigo
Song you listened to?: Summat on the radio
Person you thought about?: Sacha? :)


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sacha, Micke & the queen

My dad & bro decided to go see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and were so smart as to ask if I wanted to tag along. I can watch almost any shite at the CINEMA :D *cosy... well, maybe not the cinema I usually visit*, but Borat had actually been given 5 stars by the local paper's snob-critic. I've got a general rule which dictates that films given 5 stars by snob-critics suck IMO, but on the other hand, that only applies to serious (often Swedish) dramas and/or films made in 1910. :) No, this was curious, my expectations were high in the sky. (Not a generally good sign, either.)

But, but, but, the movie was ingenious indeed. *bawl* Certain interview victims would be so anxious to find a new planet right now, if only they possessed enough sense to be ashamed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! XD


Some highlights, of importance or not:

Crowd: "Oh, what the hell, WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
Crowd: "Er... WUUUUUUUUU?! :D"

Borat & Azamat: *nakedwrestle*
Borat & Azamat: *intensify nakedwrestle*
Prim physical-contact-and-human-filth-shunner Yoze: "Ahhh... That's... limitless... :B"

Hen: "SQUEAK!"
Ticket: *burn*
Borat: "BOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!" *heavy 1910 drama*


I staggered home, insanely jealous yet in great awe of the genius...
Zombie-Yoze: "Raaaaaaaaaa... Mmmmmmmmm, braaaaaaaaaaaain... +P~~~"
...and, within hours, developed a wee bit of a crush on Sacha Baron Cohen. :B

Said crush is 9 days old and has not exploded into red-hot, unbridled passion. Yet. Hehe. So... I think I shall keep him a secret from my folks, for my mum would refuse to watch Borat if she thought I recommended it mainly because of a crush... as, I must admit, is my habit... however, one which she enjoys blowing out of proportion. :B (My only other secret idol would be... Brad D.) Secrets are frustrating, but fun. :D *exhumes ole tape of mtv europe music awards 2000 featuring ali g & combs town for a cd containing partying lemur*

Mmmmm, fuzzy crush drug...


Pity I couldn't wait 1 week to see Borat, cus this weekend a new, flashy cinema rode into town! :D Apparently it's been 17 years in the making. I've been waiting for a somewhat shorter time than that. Still too long. It has been christened Bergakungen (The Mountain King) and they invited everyone to check it out on Saturday. But first, they let a bunch of big game handle the opening ceremony outside. (I spent 1 little hour by the barricade.) There was the queen (the first royal family member of my celeb collection, not that I'm a royalist) and the actors Michael Nyqvist (sex symbol for mature Swedes, for he be not the most repulsive creature in the kingdom), Anastasios Soulis (young bloke whose movies I've never seen) and Janne "Loffe" Carlsson (whom I've seen in ~1 movie, but I was an extra in the sequel!). *click click click click*

Afterwards, one was swept into the building, and OMG. The actors were there, to be seen, mingling with the vulgar public fans! I lingered like any insane old stalker, and skipped up to Michael Nyqvist first. The following conversation is not accurate at all:

Yoze: "HI, nice to meet you!"
MN: "Hi."
*OMG handshake*
MN: "Micke."
Yoze: *cogturncreak* "Josefine. May I have a picture?"
MN: "Sure. *poses for wee mortal* Did it stick?"
Yoze: "Oh yes... It was a bit hard to take photos outside... Anyway, my mum really likes you! I dunno, she didn't have the energy to come here, Saturday morning and all... ehehe... But, she says hello."
MN: "Well, say hello to your mum from me then!"
Yoze: *squees away*

45 years later I asked Janne "Loffe" Carlsson for a pic as well, but we didn't shake hands. At least I've... like... WORKED WITH HIM! :) (I highly doubt I will be visible in the movie, blah) He asked how the pic turned out. Then I sneaked up to young master Soulis and shook hands with him and asked for a pic. "OK. Do you want to be in the pic, or...?" "Nah, I'd better just take my own..."


I was then free to roam the bowels of Bergakungen. Sweeeeeeeeeet. Boweeeeeeeeels. It smelled like a new car, thaz all. *throws in popcorn scent bomb* I think they even included... *GASP*... LEG SPACE!!! +O

There is a modern cinema in town already, but they don't seem to offer any fat discounts, nor all of the films I want to see. Then there is a really fancy old one, with them discounts, but it only shows a couple of films at a time. My Regular Cinema offers discounts, shows most of the interesting movies, AND CAUSES SERIOUS SKELETAL DAMAGE. Since the rows are 0.6 mm apart. It must have been built back when average human height was 110 cm. NOT COSY. I am never going back to it.

Bergakungen will have the movies, the discounts and the leg space. FINALLY A PROPER CINEMA FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Er, and for others, even.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crude whippin/carrotting of our great big arses

There are 1,8 hectares of biologically productive land per person. The average human uses 2,2 hectares. 20% of the people are sitting on 80% of the resources.

Fun eh!

Large eco-feet = wealth = independence = opportunity to TELL ONE'S 0.5 GRAMS OF WHINING DNA TO GO JUMP IN THE LAKE!

Generally... right?

I don't fecking know how to get down to 1,8 hectares, really. But it might work comfily. www.earthday.org/footprint offers some guidance with their quizzz. Here is how I can HOPE I will be able to respond to each question for the better part of my life, + my comments.
How big is the city, town, or place where you live?
-100,001 - 1,000,000
(Above 500 000, I believe.)

What city has the most similar weather to yours?
(This does require some heating. But I think I'm on nuke power right now. Thank gawd, that may sustain us until we are down to the recommended 100 million (HAAHAAAAAAA, I originally happened to write "100 000", ehehe, sniffle...) people and can get along on renewable energy. (Maybe we already can, but I hear different things.) I also heard that Homo sapiens is unusally bad at coping with radiation, but that in general, nature looks great around... Tjernobyl. :O Hmm. Mmm. Heh... Hope it's true.)

Food footprint
How often do you eat animal based products? (beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products)
-Never (vegan)
(This is already true! :D And tasty. *feeds you* According to a survey, most Swedes are ready to cut down on the meat for the sake of the environment. Hey, once they break the habit a little bit, and discover a few 1000 adjusted recepies, there's no telling where they'll end up. :D )

How much of the food that you eat is processed, packaged and imported?
-Very little. Most of the food I eat is unprocessed, unpackaged and locally grown.
(I think this means less than 25%. Hardly true at present. NativeEnergy may sustain us until we are down to the... bla bla.)

Goods footprint
Compared to people in your neighborhood, how much waste do you generate?
-Much less
(Er... I'm not so sure about this one either. But I recycle, I don't CONSTANTLY buy new clothes/electronics, and when I move out no maniacs will stop some compost thingy from moving in.)

Shelter footprint
How many people live in your household?
-1 person
(I dunno what's better. But I'm the queen loner, after all. I'll try that if I can afford it.)

What is the size of your home?
-20 square metres or smaller
(This is not the size of our house...! But HELL YEAH, I can do that! When I move I hope there will be such a tiny, cosy, adorable, cheap place available for my great wasteful arse. IT BETTER!!! *moves to shanty town*)

Which housing type best describes your home?
-Green-design residence
(Like an eco-village? I'd LIKE that. :p Never seen one in my life. Did a wee bit of research last week. What if there was one reasonably close to an eco-bean farmer and a city bus line... and with small apartments... Anyway, that along with the other answers apparently would leave me with a footprint of... 1,3 HECTARES!)
-Multi-story apartment building
(This is where I will probably end up, but I might still have a footprint of precisely... THE MAGICAL 1,8 HECTARES!)

Do you have electricity in your home?
-Yes, with energy conservation and efficiency
(Hmm, can solar panels produce electricity or just heat? :B Sniff... I don't have solar panels. Today.)

Mobility footprint
On average, how far do you travel on public transportation each week (bus, train, subway or ferry) ?
-1-25 km
(No idea about this either... But supposing it's not physically impossible to build THAT ECO-VILLAGE close to town... One could take the bike in summer, too... And since I won't FIND any eco-villages, and the apartment building would work, the answer is reasonable. I need to take after my gran, who uses her bike like hell. Right now I live 5000000 km, OK, 10 bus minutes, from the city. And the air is lethal.)

On average, how far do you go by motorbike each week (as a driver or passenger)?
-0 km
(I've gone 20 m on a motorbike in me life, and Joaquin never picks me up on his. :O )

On average, how far do you go by car each week (as a driver or passenger)?
-0 km
(IRL I REALLY need to drive... as good as never. :D If I ever buy a car, fecking shoot me. Unless I join a big car pool, or get one because my FANCY JOB REQUIRES it. If I then use it in unnecessary = non-professional situations, SHOOT ME! Expensive buggers they are, too.)

Do you bicycle, walk, or use animal power to get around?
-Most of the time
(Some exercise wouldn't kill me... It depends on how far that perfect eco-village/cosy apartment would be from town, though.)

Approximately how many hours do you spend flying each year?
-Never fly
(I mean... because... NativeEnergy... can sustain us until... the planes can run on bio-fuel or the BOAT AND TRAIN ARE RE-INVENTED! WHY THE FECK IS THERE NO BOAT BETWEEN GOTHENBURG AND ANYWHERE NEAR LONDON?! I'm talking technical possibilities here. Actually, I'm thinking about trying to take the train/bus instead of plane to France next year, at least one way. :D What an adventure. Not to mention... er... New Zealand. DAMN CHEAP FLIGHTS! I can't wait for 1000 kmph vacuum tunnel hover trains to be developed. My classmate mentioned 'em.)
OMFG IT COULD WORK! According to the test... and me... EVERYBODY could be comfy. Comfier if there were fewer people.

WTF! Just read The future of life by Edward O. Wilson. He says it all better than I do. I can lend ya this motivating book.

The quizmakers write:
"...some options that could make your Footprint smaller are not available to you as a result of choices on the part of local decision makers, such as reliable and efficient public transportation as an alternative to driving. Therefore, an important path to reducing your Footprint is to advocate for more sustainable decisions at all levels of government."
Indeed! :p *cheers on SNF*


Here be me holy pledge. Which is probably not enough, so... Beat me, to show me how. Beat me, you fat Westerners. And enlighten me. If I break my pledge, feed me to your 14 children.

~I will estimate my yearly greenhouse gas emissions and try to offset them.

~I will never fly domestic in Sweden (it's been a while, anyway...)

~I will support TNC's Rainforest Fund or the like at least until I can assume they've received enough to save an area as large as my ecological arse-print (a handful of hectares at the mo, probably)... asap. And UNICEF if possible.

~I will constantly be a member of an environmental organisation

~I will not buy my own fossil-fueled car for non-professional purposes

~I will buy organic and/or locally produced food & clothes (plus 2nd hand clothes) as often as reasonably possible (that means, unless they cost 100 000 000, taste/look exactly like poo or do not exist)

~I will not take my mobile phone, TV, VCR, camera or computer to the scrap heap until they die of natural causes... Sell them, mayhap. (It would not surprise me if everybody already does this :p but at least my folks are fond of throwing away functioning objects. :p ) I hope they get recycled efficiently from the scrap heap.

~I will not leave the TV or comp in stand-by mode (DVD and VCR switch themselves off... or do they?!)

~I will recycle

~I will not subscribe to the morning paper (My folks do and I am addicted now, but when I move I will quit and read it online, or read the free city papers before giving those back to... society. When I was da paper-girl, I beheld ~365 morning papers... every day)

~I will use low-energy lamp bulbs (at least in my room, for now...)

~I will cook loads and rarely rather than a little every day

~I will never eat meat, eggs or milk (unless, you know, I crash in the Andes or something...! :)

~I will always vote environmental

~I will produce no offspring

~I will bequeath (sp) all that I own to charity (HAHA, WON'T BE MUCH! THERE WON'T BE MUCH LEFT TO SAVE EITHER! XC )

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Continuation of our McDeath saga

Weeell weeell weeell. The fill-in form, which did not freeze uni's Explorer, REQUIRED an American home addy.


Anyway, American McD does not accept ideas from outsiders. Hmm, do I really qualify as one...? :p How convenient for them. And if I presented my pwetty idea as an insider, they could just MAKE me an outsider in the flick of a boot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I shall e-mail Swedish McD instead. They can have only 9 000 000 naggers on their arses, and IIRC, they tell idea-squirts that they'll think it over. Mhm. Must only translate my damn nice e-mail first.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

McDeath don't want to be contacted concerning the environment

It could simply be my comp... But I just attempted to send American McD a damn nice email containing a MASSIVE ENVIRONMENTAL TIP. *COUGH* Only saying how the production of 1 unit of processed animal protein demands 6-20 times more fossil fuel that the production same amount of processed plant protein, so maybe they should go easy on the... ( http://www.hsus.org/web-files/PDF/farm/gve.pdf , page 9, botttttttom)

A link that looks like it conceals the right McD email addy leads to an "OOOOOOOOPS THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!", and their fill-in form freezes Explorer.

OMFG, that is beautifully prejudice-confirming.

If the shite works for you, I'll ask you to send my message for me plzthanx. I shall try at school... one day...

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